Using the Getac Spacer is really easy an quick allowing you to save time and money.

Paving blocks stones with grassed joints are widely used in gardens, paths, car parks and other places where they can add the decorative appeal of grass.

Our spacer allows you to avoid rudimentary systems when laying paving blocks: wood wedges, bits of brick, ropes to ensure alignment. Getting constant width joints is very simple using Getac Spacer and there is no need to remove the spacer as it doesn't affect grass growth.

This system can be used with blocks of a minimum size of 16cm x 16cm. Depending on the size of blocks used, it is possible to lay the pavement in different patterns as shown in the pictures.

To lay the pavement we recommend you to create a bed of sand as a base and on top of it lay the paving blocks and Getac Spacers to create the joint. Once this is done, fill the joints with soil and seed it.

Getac spacers disintegrate over a long period of time allowing the grass to grow and develop roots strong enough to stand the slight movements of the paving blocks.


Ratio between number of blocks and number of Getac Spacers
Block sizeGetac Spacers/m2Paving blocks/m2
20 cm x 10 cm5628
20,8 cm x 17,3 cm3520
26,4 cm x 20,8 cm2412